The guaiwog were once black orcs, taken as servants by the dragons and oni of Danasia and used throughout the early third and fourth ages. In the fourth age, with the fall of the last known dragons, the guaiwog orcs roamed Danasia as mercenaries and served Danasia in the wars with Findle.

Guaiwogs have no interest in conquering or holding territory on their own, nor do they value gaining wealth, they simply live to serve a master, wandering the land in search of one worthy. In the fourth and fifth age, many served lesser oni, Danasians or the Vashar of Jangjilin.

The guaiwog are themselves served by kith goblins, who are treated less like the master-slave relationships between orcs and goblins in Ibyth, but more of a brotherly bond.

In the fourth and the fifth age, Danasian officials outfitted these mighty warriors and their goblin companions with massive hand cannons. The orcs seem inseparable from their, now iconic, weapons. The cannons are used to devastating effect, and are made even more efficient with the assistance of their kith goblin brothers.


Guaiwogs and their Kith goblin brothers.