Running an actual business isn't as easy a taking the odd adventuring job. It is a huge investment for an adventurer and should mainly be considered a retirement activity.



Guilds are association of artisans or merchants who control the practice of their craft in a particular town or country. There are hundreds of guilds across Ord, ranging from groups of town leatherworkers to continent spanning arcane orders.

Findle Alchemeria

The Taverners

White Lotus Imports

Bardic Colleges

Bardic colleges are groups of organized poets, painters and musicians. They range from small semi-formal bands of minstrels to massive campuses of archaeologists and lore masters.

Vonovich Academy

Mythic Conclave

Seekers of Serenity

Thieves Gangs

A thieves' guild is an association of criminals who participate in theft-related organized crime throughout the cities and towns of Ord.

Viper's Gang

Hell in Hand


The Prairie Dogs

Assassins Clans

Jiéshù rì

Hand of the Violet Queen