The is emblem of the city of Harvestveil is also the banner of the Harvest Brotherhood. Within the emblem, you can see the tree of Materan as well as the Seed of Profit

Harvestveil or the Veil is a large town in the Westwood and one of the Free Towns of Helmstadt. This town is most famously known as the home of the Empyrean Church temple of Materan as well as the Harvest Brotherhood. The town exports large amounts of grain and lumber to the nearby metropolis of Redguard. The city consists mainly of wooden structures built around the stone temple atop a small rocky hill. Protecting the city is a large wooden palisade. The city is built so as to not disrupt the


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Harvastveil built around the ruins of an ancient temple of Danu in the Westwood of Helmstadt

Harvestveil was founded by the Danu priestess Erin Greenwood following the call to defend a crumbling Danu temple from gnoll raiders. She and her companions fought valiantly for to defend the elderly priests and managed to drive off the raiders. The crumbling ruin was rebuilt by Greenwood who was made High Priestess of the temple. Centuries later, the small forest temple was in ruins again, destroyed by gnoll allies of Azogun, it was discovered by Geshran Herat, Yggritte and their companions. The temple was rebuilt once again at the urging of Geshran and a small village of woodsmen sprang up around the new temple. By the turn of the fifth age, Harvestveil was a powerful town and the temple was a well respected landmark, now dedicated to the Empyrean god Materan. The Materan Temple is the resting place of Bishop Erin Greenwood and Yod Na'Azel'Leth.

The Temple of Materan


The doors of the Temple of Materan.

The ancient Temple features a mixture of architectural styles due to additions and renovations over several centuries but still retains its original octagonal pattern. The doors are flanked with ancient yew trees and restorations to the building were always built around the natural occurring trees. Several stand within the temple grounds and even grow through the ceiling. Once this temple was dedicated to the old god Danu, and stone carvings of unicorns were still visible on the older walls in the 5th age.

Harvast Brotherhood

The Harvest Brotherhood are an extremely secretive order of bankers and farmers. They headquarter themselves in Harvestveil where they organize the flow of resources throughout the region.