Hauri Irigosha
Hauri Irigosha
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Traveller
Former home(s) Unknown
Gender Male
Race Half Human, Danasian Half Orc, Guaiwog
Class Fighter
Patron Unknown
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level 4
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Favorite item Unknown
Hauri grew up as a member of the Surai clan, a branch of half Guaiwog orcs living in the Ogrestooth forest East of Mungu. The Clan places heavy emphasis on culinary skills and every 10 years, a grand contest called the Feast of Kings was held to determine the new chieftain of the clan. Hauri had trained for this, searching for the perfect ingredients his whole life. In 150 V He was perceived to be the favorite candidate as his culinary skills were deemed to be unmatched.

Come the day of the Feast of Kings, Kokai, Hauri's apprentice surprised everyone by submitting his own entry and winning, using ingredients and techniques that Hauri had never seen before. Hauri suspected outside intervention, or someone backing Kokai, but was proud nonetheless to see that his apprentice had progressed so far.

To his astonishment, as his first order, Kokai exiled Hauri from Surai clan. Confused, heartbroken and highly suspicious of Kokai's actions, Hauri has spent the last 10 years searching for exotic ingredients and recipes from around the world in order to win the next contest and claim the tile of Sauri Chieftain.