The mysterious Herat Isle is a metropolitan island city-state ruled by the cult of Morrigan. The island empire is the largest inhabited area in Morat Ras and one of the largest cities in the region. Their extrem dedication to the goddess Morrigan has endowed the country with magical power comparable to Thessan.

Herat houses a number of dhampir who serve the will of the cult. These half-undead humans stand in stark contrast to the vampires found on the mainland and serve to protect Herat and the sanctity of death.

Herat Isle is the home island of many adventurers as well as the Herat noble family, a house of priests who rule Herat with an iron will.

Herat was the birthplace of St. Geshran the Temperate as well Geshran the lesser.

Common Races

HeratanPort Dhampir Port Kenku


The cult of Herat uses a unique version of Morrigan's holy symbol.