Morn, The Smith
Basic Information
Aliases Last King of Dwarves
Pantheon Hero-deity
Home Unknown
Former home(s) Kolzamar
Gender Male
Race Mountain Dwarf
Class Fighter
Portfolio Fire, Crafting, Pride, Artifice
Primary Cleric Domain Unknown
Secondary Cleric Domains Unknown
Holy symbol Tormbarad Royal Emblem

Golden Hammer

Date of birth Unknown
Date of accension Unknown
Date of death Unknown

Level Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Favorite item Unknown

Morn Tormbarad, high king of the dwarves was a mortal during the time of the Empyrean Empire's downfall. He served directly under Nuadun as leader of the dwarven peoples and at some point was gifted the Spark of Pride. He and his elite guard were sealed away in city of Kolzamor while his peoples fled the Necrosange plague.

Morn is a secretive deity, hiding away in the depths of the ruined city of Kolzamor. The last known excursion into Kolzamar was in the early fourth age and was lead by Mela the miner. Sadly the expedition never returned and since then, Morn has refused all contact with outsiders and does not speak when communed and does not grant spells to Dwarven followers. What he has been doing alone in the depths of the mountain for centuries is anyone's guess...

Spark of Pride

Spark of Greed