After the fall of the Dwarven Kingdoms, much of the surviving clan Barundar was captured and used as slaves by the Ibyth Imperium. After generations of toil and failed revolutions, the Ibyth Imperium was destroyed and the Barundar Clan Dwarves found themselves without goblin-kin masters for the first time.

The new people had no fondness for sequestering themselves deep in the mountains. They came to value individual freedom more so than any other Dwarven people and they took to a surface life. They have not forgotten their skills of stonework or their ancestral hatred for goblins and giants, who enslaved them in the past.

They average about 4-1/2 feet tall and have tan skin and darker hair than than their Mountain Dwarf cousins.

The Barundar clan has few large families, the largest being only a few dozen members. They are more adapted to life in human communities and put little stock into ancient traditions. The Barundar clan has branched into many smaller families such as the Brightstone, Steelbraid and Onyxbrass.