Hob'Ibyth was a craggy hilly region stretching from the westernmost part of the Ibyth Highlands North of Findle to the Eastern edge of the Silver Reach.

This region is the last remnant of the ancient Ibyth Imperium, a hobgoblin empire that lasted for thousands of years before the founding of Findle.

This land was heavily populated by goblin-kin of all types, with orcs mainly to the North and hobgoblins to the South. Cities in the Imperium are named after the ruling or founding groups, Hob' for hobgoblins and Gin' for orcs.

The imperium is lead by a hero deity called the Daern, a title that is passed with the spark of loyalty to subsequent leaders.

Yurtur's Cauldrun is a massive lake, one of the largest freshwater bodies in Ord and part of the pendant lake chain. The Cauldrun is corrupted by the ancient magic of a sorcerer giant named Yurtur, making it warmer than natural and giving it a slight green colour.

Cities in the Imperium