The Holy avengers are rare blades well-suited to battling evil in all its myriad forms. They are greatly prized by paladins. The only known holy avenger was retrieved from a guarded vault on the plane of Proelium and wielded by St. Reluse the Tenacious. Upon his death, the sword was entombed with him.


Forging a Holy Avenger is no easy task. A craftsman must both be of good alignment and have access to powerful magics. The only known holy avenger was a cold iron longsword forged by an unknown hand using both elven and dwarven styles and techniques. In the pommel was set a gem from the Staff of Endless Power which empowered the sword.


Ordinarily, a holy avenger's true might is unleashed only in the hands of a paladin, whereupon it becomes more powerful. While wielding a Holy Avenger, a paladin's strikes are more accurate and damaging against evil creatures and undead. The sword is also said to generate a powerful aura that protects allies from harmful magic.


In the final year of the fourth age, the Unsung Heroes destroyed the enchantment of the only known holy avenger by removing the gem set into its pommel, raiding St. Reluse's tomb to do so. The cold iron sword that was once a Holy Avenger was returned to the tomb the following year.