“Shay” is an elven title that means “removed” it was given to the elf Arundel after he was banished from his homeland through a ritual known as the Shayri Curse . In his grief and bitterness he turned a shameful title into a powerful name. This house was founded and grew from Arundel’s children while he was ruling as Steward of Findle over a period of 400 years. The house is comprised of half Elven decedents of Arundel himself. They are not particularly wealthy but are very influential, and many powerful adventurers have been part of, or married into the house. The house has large land holdings in South Western Findle as well as Tower Hoc in the North.

Notable Members

Arundel Shay - Founding member

Eilara Shay

Yggritte of Yod

Lexia Shay

Chryseus Shay


Halafas Raeranthur

Gallione Shay