Humans in Ord are widespread, can be found in most regions and, in general, are fierce and impatient, which can sometimes lead certain other races to view them with contempt. They are renowned for their diversity and ambition, and although they lack specialization, they can excel in many areas.


The origin of humanity is something yet unknown. Although the Ældon claim to have brought them from somewhere else and the Khazar claim that they were forged from the soil by the titan Cernunnun, humans have no unifying creation myth. However, they are certainly an ancient race, having originated since before written records exist. More confusing yet is that they have been found on other worlds as well.

The earliest written record of humans was in Empyrean manuscripts written by the servants of Cernunnun. In the documents they praised mankind for their ability to farm the land, something the dwarven subjects lacked skill with, and claimed that the best part is that "The creation brings a blessing and a curse as it breed nearly as quickly as the livestock it tends."

The mention of mankind is also woven throughout Yarethan's 29880 verses of "Sons of the Starts, a History of the Ældon" giving credence to the elven myth.

Still more myths exist intertwined with the origins of mankind including the founding mythos of the Vashar.

Regardless of their precise origins, humans have been undeniably successful. While hardly the only dominant race of Ord, humans are the most wide spread and the most recent to obtain dominance. In spite of this strength, or perhaps because of it, humanity is an eternally fractured and divided race, broken up into over a dozen ethnic offshoots. It is believed that this is in part because humanity, unlike most other races, their short lifespans and great adaptability could result in amazing diversity in just a few centuries.

Human ethnic groups

While there are no natural human subraces, planetouched subspecies of humans have arisen in Ord. These include the aasimars and tieflings. There is also great ethnic diversity between humans in different regions.

The following are the most prevalent and largest ethnic groups to be found in Ord at this time. These are by far the most common ethnicities to be found on the Northern continents.

Humans of all ethnicities share the same statistics found in the Players Handbook.

South Danasian Human FindleitePort HeratanPort HulesePort QuisiriPort RassinPort North Danasian Human TauniPort ThessanPort Yupikyod Vasharan Human