From a land far to the South of Findle. The people of Hul are a very simple one. Living Spartan lives free of leisurely distractions and building few permanent major cities other than the regions capital city of Haiiar'ai, instead herding massive amounts of livestock and moving their simple residences with the seasons. Hulese culture values close family ties and extended families often live in large seasonal clay brick homes.

Their major source of trade is with Olgun Quisir who provides them with everything they need in exchange for the wealth of lumber from the Musitu Murefu jungle not to mention the meat and leather their herds supply. Their cities and villages live communally and share the work and resources equally. They have no official leaders, though food, goods, and wealth distribution is overseen by local Patriarchs and Matriarchs. These positions are granted by common consensus by the people, hold no particular prestige or benefit and only last as long as the people deem the Patriarch or Matriarch to be deserving.

The Hulese bands have no official leaders and maintain social order through humiliation and ridicule, constantly belittling each others achievements to prevent any one person from taking control. The Hulese value martial might and are constantly looking for new ways to test their physical prowess, be it bull wrestling or gladiatorial combat. They tend to worship Frey or Danu.

Hulese are very tall by human standards, rarely being shorter than 6 feet. They are exceptionally well muscled and quick witted with a sense of humor and humility to match their physical stature. Males adorn themselves with pale yellow tattoos derived from powdered bull horn to display kinship ties.