Thessan is one of the most powerful cultures on Ord. Their great wealth comes from trade with the Gold Elves of the Silver Reach and Danasia as well as their great mineral wealth. Magic is common in Thessan and cities are extremely proud of their arcane colleges, regularly forming rivalries. 

Thessan mages are regularly known to make deals with devils as power seems to be its own reward. The strength of Thessan could unite all of mankind but most of its resources are directed towards permanently open portals to lower planes, preventing demons from flooding through and overwhelming this world.

Mages and warlocks are well respected as are the Knights of the Dauntless Order of the Chalice, merciless champions of Hellslay's crusade.

Thessans are a haughty and proud people, standing roughly 5'10 to 6'2 they regularly supplement their appearance with enchantments, appearing as fair as the Elves to South folk.