In the Age of Dragons, humans in the North were forced from their homes by the players of the great game of Xorvintaal. Those who remained in the North were forced to endure harsh conditions and took up nomadic spartan lifestyles as a way of avoiding draconic raids. Thousands of years passed before men from the Farwest came back and united mankind against the dragons, founding the Kingdom of Man.

As dragons receded into history, the humans of the Kingdom of Man forced the native populations into the fringes. One of these tribes were driven into the Pendant mountains and would form very close ties to the Forest Folk and the Copper Elves of the region. Centuries later, they would be known as the Yupik'yod.

Yupik'yod warriors value strength and independence, forming close bonds with the animals and weapons which have served them well. The tribe value furs and skins of various mountain animals, especially the cave bear which exists in large numbers in Yod.

In the fourth age, the tribe would merge with the surviving Forest Folk and take up many of their territories after they were nearly wiped out by mysterious blue-cloaked cultists.

In year 849 IV a Yupik'yod chieftain was betrayed by a rival clan and the majority of the tribe was ritualistically slaughtered by ravagers. Few members of the tribe, other than the chieftain's daughters, survived the brutal attack.

Notable members of this race include Yggritte, Eilara, Queen Svana Holt of Findle and Saangrid Bearscar.