These strongly organized and militant hobgoblins are native to the temperate hills and forests of Western Findle. At one point, the Ibyth Imperium stretched across the continent and was one of the most powerful regions in Ord, rivaling the Empyrean Empire seated in the Scara mountains. Few hobgoblins remember what the Imperium once was and simply fight to maintain what little land they have. Over the millennia, Ibyth was pushed back by growing populations of Elves and Humans. Ibyth Hobgoblins are fond of commanding those they perceive as weaker than them, either physically or mentally (pretty much everyone) and readily accept the role of slaver. They prefer Hill Dwarves as slaves, believing them to be superior laborers and long lived enough to be passed down to successive generations of hobgoblin masters.

Most hobgoblins strongly dislike elves of all kinds, as they believe they are responsible for the fall of the Ibyth Imperium.

Hobgoblins have similar height and weight to humans, generally skewing slightly larger in both dimensions. Most Ibyth hobgoblins sport a very fine orange fur covering their entire bodies, with pronounced rhinarium much like a dog or bear. In some hobgoblins, the rhinarium is varying shades of blue which is considered a very attractive feature.