New Illden, near the Northern shore of Stone Lake

Illden is the largest city in the free towns region between Findle and Thessan. The city has a sorted history. Originally being a small village, the populace has picked up and moved several times as the ages went on and resources became scarce in the area. Previous settlements are refereed to as "Old Illden" and are largely the domain of criminals and vagrants.

In the third age, Illden was a frontier town nestled at the foot of the Illden mountain, between the Houndwood and Stone Lake. The city was blessed by a visiting priest named Geshran, who was made famous after breaking up a nearby thieves gang and discovering their hidden platinum mine. Geshran was made sheriff and eventually Lord of Illden. His connection to the Isle of Herat heavily influenced the architecture and fashon of the city. After his death, he was canonized as a saint and Illden joined the Kingdom of Findle.

Illden was destroyed in the fourth age by the cult of Lyttas. The majority of the population fled across the lake, being guided by Steinthor Drakeson and the future king of Findle, Pahlin Holt.The city was rebuilt at the start of the fifth age with much assistance from House Herat and has since grown into a prosperous trading city with

the revitalization of the dwarven cities to the Southeast. The city is currently embroiled in a debate as to whether they will secede from the Kingdom to rejoin the free towns.

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Illden's statue of St. Geshran

The current Lord-Governor of Illden is Amilia Drakeson.