Lilliaph Faerieburst
Basic Information
Aliases Illiaph Fellspark

Lilliaph Faerieburst

Home Traveller
Former home(s) Chandrak Hall

Redguard Thessan

Gender Male

Female after reincarnation

Race Human, Thessan
Class Warlock
Patron Jilin, The Founder of Flesh

Mab, The Dreamer

Date of birth 136 V
Date of death 163 V


Age 21
Level High
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Favorite item Unknown

Illiaph, was a member of the Thessan noble house Felspark and prominently wore his family's emblem. He appears good natured and generally likable.

Illiaph takes meticulous care of his leather armour and often is seen maintaining his appearance, always prepared to put his best foot forward in social situations.


A young Illiaph before he fed Jillin

He is prone to zoning out when not being directly addressed and is often observed "people watching," although he has recently revealed his ability to telepathically communicate with and read surface thoughts of others. His people watching habit may refer to something else.

Illiaph comes from a respected bloodline of Thessan sorcerers, but did not show signs of arcane gifts in his youth, nor did he choose to accept the aid of his families patron devil, Pholrex, instead bartering for power with an unknown agent. He turned on his family, stealing as much gold as he could carry and fleeing south into Findle.

Illiaph, bonded with Jilin

Illiaph doesn't think twice of sacrificing his Demonic familiars and often gives them embarrassing names. They usually remain invisible to allay suspicions to his dark patron.

The growing threat of being consumed by Jilin eventually became too much to bare. Illiaph and his party turned on Jilin and Illiaph was forced to find another patron. Marcelliyna and Illiaph contacted the unseelie queen Mab, who agreed to patron the warlock if the two kill Var'izan.


Illiaph after forging a new warlock pact with Mab.

Unfortunately for the redeemed warlock, he met his end at the hands of the Lich Funiku Dorobo. Shortly afterward he was reincarnated into a new body by his companion Alistyre. He spent the rest of his days travelling with Marcelyina as a servant of Mab.

The Cape of the Montebank

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