Imzaeras Keniryn
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Wingar
Former home(s) Ironwell

World Cavern

Gender Male
Race Surface Drow
Class Rogue
Patron Empyrean
Date of birth 566 IV
Date of death Yet to be seen
Age 168
Level 3
Alignment True Neutral
Favorite item Unknown

Imzaeras was a drow elf, born just before the fourth era ended. He was patient, dedicated, methodical and thoughtful, taking his time to analyze ever scenario before acting and believing that the best way to get ahead is to make sure that the people around you are content and that they attribute their happiness to your action.  He was generally sincere, but tended to show an edge of self-interest in most of his actions. He adored his wife, finding her sense of humor, her zest for new experiences, and her enthusiasm refreshing.  He's was very focused on his career and social standing and thought of little other than his smithing and family. He often expressed his contempt towards adventuring believing that risking your life for treasure and glory was foolish.

Imzaeras is married to Daellethan Bloomhollow

He has recently been hired by Terron Blackwell to supply his forces with dragon powder weapons. He is wary around his new employer, knowing full well that he is not trustworthy.