Basic Information
Aliases Inkha
Home Unknown
Former home(s) Shanren territory
Gender Female
Race Aasimar, Scourge
Class Monk
Patron Jiéshù rì Cult
Date of birth 142
Date of death Unknown
Age 16
Level 4
Alignment Lawful Good
Favorite item Unknown

Irome is a scourge aasimar and Jiéshù rì agent traveling in the guise of a Shanren teenager named Inkha. As a Jiéshù rì agent, she works to root out Vasharan influences whenever possible. She and her father were travelling to Port City Mungu to investigate rumors of Vashar cabals within the city when they were waylaid by one of their quarry. A man named Hadahagasu Gomon murdered her father in the dead of night and would have killed Irome as well had she not woken up and fled into the night.

Irome traveled to Wall Village to continue to investigate the Vashar rumors in hopes that something will lead back to Gomon. More than anything she wishes to avenge her father.