Artifacts are unique items scattered across Ord. They could be anything from glittering swords to tarnished coins.

Parun's Coin - A token of the god of luck, said to be found at times of great turmoil.

Mythender - The sword of the kings of Findle .

Tonguesever - A blade inexorably linked to the servants of Vis. Currently held by Arundel Shay.

Kirvig Karalin - The proper name of the axe of the dwarvish lords

Gustav - A unique bag of tricks, unerringly summons fourth a black bear named Gustav.

Rimebrand - An intelligent frostbrand greatsword. Said to house the soul of a frost giant.

Hellslay's Spellbook - A collection of spells and rituals collected by Aragoth Hellslay himself

Celebmeleth - The bow of Aust Liadon . Said to be a relic of a silver elf chieftain.

Warblade of Azel - An ancient dwarven greatsword given to the forest folk of Yod. Currently held by Yiggritte

The Staff of Power - A mythical staff prized by wizards. Capable of great destruction.

Galdan's Divine Amplifier - A golden rod with the ability to channel the energy of a divine spark.

The Trómosmail - A ragged set of half plate created by the lord of terror.