Jangjilin is an island nation and home to the Vashar and birthplace of their race, as well as the Kenku.

Jiangjilin is a plateaued island off the Eastern Coast of Danasia. It is said that the Vashar were created on this island, the first attempt at creating humans by the Empyrean Titans. Their failed efforts were unknowingly observed by a creature that would call itself Jilin. It is this creature who would remake the Vashar and through them, engineer the downfall of the Titan's works.

The island is named after the being Jilin and the populace venerate the creature as their creator and "emperor" although the Vashar treat Jilin with little more than mockery and ridicule, consuming his flesh to gain power. The "Emperor in Pieces" is more of a symbol of Vashar unity than a ruler.

Jiangjilin boasts only one major city, Dakbasui. This city is perched atop the plateau that is said to be the birthplace of mankind and the future grave of the gods.

Much of the architecture of Jiangjilin is based on Tengu influences as the two races had close ties at one point. after the fall of the Tengu empire in Narrock, many fled to shelter with the Vashar and degenerated into the Kenku which now serve as servants to the islands human inhabitants.