Jerren are halflings, although they despise that name. Near the end of the third age, several tribes of halflings broke away from the kender and left Fernhollow. The Jerren were typical nomadic halflings who inhabited the lands South of the Houndwood. Every spring, they were beset by black orcs from the Scara Mountains. These raids cost the Jerren dearly in lives and food, eventually threatening to wipe out the halflings entirely. The leaders of the various Jerren clans gathered one winter and made a harsh decision. They called upon all the spellcasters among the Jerren and gave them access to corrupt magic secured from a secret source. They armed each warrior with dark poisons and weapons designed to spread disease and plague among the goblin-kin.

The next spring, the ensuing war between the Jerren and their enemies threatened to wipe out both sides. Even with their new tactics, the Jerren would have lost, except that their previous decision opened the door to further malevolence, inviting demonic spirits into their bodies. Soon the halflings were committing atrocities against their enemies that even their orcish foes found repulsive. When the latter retreated into the hills, the Jerren followed them. Soon nothing remained of the orcs they hunted, nor the halflings themselves save for some vague writings by Galdan the Gold claiming that the Jerren's dark poison "swollowed them." Galdan himself experimented with similar umbreal magics, seeking revenge against these diminutive savages.

Little is known of the Jerren people, other than they look very similar to the perian halflings. The average human wouldn't be able to discern a perian from a jerren until they experience the later's cannibalistic tendencies first hand.

The jerren are treated by other halflings in a similar manner as the vashar are by humans.


Jerren are cold and calculating, often travelling among Perian or other cultures unnoticed.

Ability Score Increase: Your Intelligence score increases by 1.

Tricksy: You are proficient with the Deception skill and you add double the normal proficiency bonus whenever using this skill.