Jiangshi are the reanimated corpses consumed by the Demon Ma Shihun. Jiangshi are similar to ghouls or vampires, being easily identified by the arcane mark over their face and their tendancy to leap upon their foes. Jiangshi do not drink blood or Jing energy like common vampires, instead absorbing a targets Chi engergy and channeling it back to Ma Shihun.

Jiangshi can only survive for a few days without killing a living creature and without Ma Shihun, most of the Jiangshi died out by the fourth age. Stories of the savage Ma Shihun and her Jiangshi have been passed down for generations. Many believe them to be works of fiction and their common representation differs greatly from their actual form.


Jiangshi are a common enemy in plays and children's stories. Stories of Jiangshi are commonly used to frighten children.