Jodando's Memoirs are some of Lassandra Legault's more prized possessions. Alistyre was provided with a short copy of an excerpt regarding the Seeker's ring.

Soon after Geshran and I defeated the Stone Lake Vipers thieves guild, my companions and I were sent to recover a silver jeweled ring from a minotaur and bring it back to a cowled wizard with a bandaged left hand. We lost our Yod native in the process, his name was Azel. They entombed the Yod in a forest shrine in the Helmstadt Vally. I had never seen his like before or since. His savagery in combat was unlike anything I've experienced until I met Durk Dankil. The cowled wizard payed us well but was never seen again. The Seeker's Ring as he called it, would magically point you towards whatever your heart truly wanted and compel you to seek it, much like a geas spell. I don't really know why a Minotaur had it, but I can see how it would have been useful to us in our later journeys. I'm sure Arundel would have killed for an item like that. He always relied so heavily on magic items. I'm sure it was his interest in the coin of Parun that was the catalyst in our friendship. He was never the same after he took over Findle. I suppose people like that are always business first.

-Jodando Legault