Basic Information
Aliases Jodando Legault
Home Danasia
Former home(s) Wingar
Gender Male
Race Human (1/2 Danasian, 1/2 Quisiri)
Class Rogue/Transmuter
Patron Rhiannon
Date of birth 295IV
Date of death 383 IV
Age 88
Level Epic
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Favorite item The Robe of Eyes

Jodando Legault was the son of two great lineages, the deposed ruling family of Danasia and the Legault noble family in Sunnuth.

At an early age, Jodando was kidnapped by a thieves guild named the Vipers and held for ransom, eventually escaping and developing a kinship with a rival guild named the Prairie Dogs. He was rescued from a Viper dungeon by St. Geshran and entered into his service in a quest to recover a magic ring from a minotaur. With the fall of their leader against the minotaur, the party went their separate ways.

St. Geshran directed him to a paladin named Reluse who was investigating an Azogun cult. Jodando entered Reluse's party along with Arundel Shay and Quixote the Blackhorn and was pivetal in preventing the cult of Azogun from overthrowing Findle. His adventures took him all over Thessan, Helmstadt, Findle and even into the Nine Hells.


Jodando as a member of the Prairie Dogs thieves guild.

At various points in his life, he has accidentally dyed his skin red, yellow and blue. This lasted for months while his regular skin colour grew back.

With the loss of King Alpert at the end of the war. Arundel Shay was named steward and with his support, Jodando managed gain control over large portions of Danasia from the Dankil dwarves. Jodando was named the first Dan in a new dynasty.

His friendship with Arundel Shay did not extend to his heirs and his various sons and daughters would compete and skirmish with Arundel's Findle, eventually leading to a costly war.

A bronze statue of Jodano, Arundel, Reluse and Quixote stands in the Royal Square in Findle city.