Joman Do
Basic Information
Aliases Jomandan

Jod Shay

Home Tower Hoc
Former home(s) Male
Gender Male
Race Human, Danasian/Findleite
Class Rogue
Patron Vis, Parun
Date of birth 550 IV
Date of death 62 V
Age 89
Level High
Alignment Chaotic Evil / True Neutral
Favorite item Unknown

Originally Jomandan, the illicit son of one of the exiled daughters of the Dan and Clan Man soldier in Eastern Findle. His lineage could be traced back to the second Dynasty of Danasia. Joman was orphaned at a young age and was raised in an orphanage in the city of Wingar. He chose to hide his Danasian name with the rise of hostilities between Danasia and Findle. When he became old enough, he began taking on increasingly more odd jobs leading him to a life of burglary and an addiction to both devil weed and cynnas.

Yggritte and party hired Joman to assist them in breaking into the Wingar Library, after which, he accompanied them in rescuing Yggritte's sisters and foiling a Spymaster's plot. Months later with the threat of drow cultist, ancient dragons and powerful sorcerers out for his hide, he entered the derelict temple of Vis beneath the library and made a bargain with an echo of the dead god. In exchange for power, he would transfer some of his life energy to the lich. The blessing of Vis erased all knowledge of Joman from the minds of his enemies and companions but cursed him to have a bizarre featureless white form. His familiarity with basic illusions prevented this from being known.

He shadowed the party until the appropriate time when he was hired again to be help them foil the drow plot in the world cavern. During this adventure, he was killed and the power of Vis left his body. The party was shocked to suddenly remember all he had done and Rixom reincarnated him into the body of a young Findleite man. This gave him a new lease on life and he settled down with one of Shay's granddaughters, changing his name to Jod Shay to live peacefully as the fourth age came to an end.

Joman Do, as Jod Shay was rewarded with Tower Hoc at the end of his adventures and lived there until his death in 62 V.