Fernhollow halflings, or "Kender" as they call themselves, were native to the southern forests of Thessan. They were generally very concerned (some might say obsessed) with guarding family and village from outside influence and only interacted with the greater Thessan governments when forced to. They do not experience as much wanderlust as other halflings and in fact, treat Crimbury halflings with the same distrust as any other race.

Kender were very elusive and were generally isolated from the outside world, with the largest exception being the Forest Folk of Yod, with whom they commonly allied against the short-tooth orcs of Gin'oth. They often lived in large hidden clans villages built into the gullies of their forest home. Those who left the clan often carried a token of some important natural feature in their clan's territory, such as a stone or a vial of water from a stream. Losing one's token was considered a loss of their heritage and required that they travel back to their home to accept another. While the Perian value the experience of travel and the sight of new lands and peoples, the Kender are a more set in their ways and traditions. Despite their savage appearance, they build to last, breed animals, and fiercely defend their homelands against threats that their Perian kin would simply flee. Humans familiar with the easygoing ways of the Crimbury halflings are surprised to learn that some halflings are capable of such a strong warrior tradition and aren't afraid to show a hint of arrogance or confidence in their own abilities and strengths. Kender enjoy athletic contest and value exceptional skills of all kinds.

Kender have a very secretive culture and rarely speak of their religious practices, although druids are common among their communities and they tend to favour animistic totems of various kinds.

Kender are known to ride giant rabbits and have bred the Kender Hare specifically for this purpose.


As a Kender, you are first and foremost loyal to friends and family. Your community puts a strong emphasis on tradition and learning and have passed many skills on to you.

Ability Score Increase: Your Wisdom score increases by 1.

Oral Tradition: You are proficient in one of the following skills: History, Nature, or Religion. You have an advantage on Intelligence checks for your chosen skill.