The crow-like Kenku are known as a race of scavengers and irrepressible thieves native to Danasia. Covetous creatures predominantly motivated by greed, they are vain and easily won over with flattery. Deceptive, duplicitous, and cunning, kenkus seek circumstances in which they can take advantage of the situation, often at the expense of others, including their own kind. They can be highly competitive, but impulsive and rash. Some claim their behavior is innate, while others believe their selfish mannerisms are cultural and developed as a learned adaptation that has enabled their people to endure through centuries of oppression.

Kenkus are natural survivalists. For many, only theft and guile have afforded them the temporary luxuries other races take for granted. In the past, both humans and powerful races such as the Vashar held them as slaves and servitors. Many kenkus scavenged for survival, scraping for food in the shadows of cities or living as subsistence hunters and gatherers in the wild. Their descendants now struggle to find their place in contemporary society, often competing against negative stereotypes or driven to embrace them, and they rely on thievery and swordplay to get by in a harsh and unforgiving world.

Kenkus live in close-knit communities in which they keep to themselves. In urban centers, they tend to group in communal slums, while those living in rural areas establish isolated settlements. Overall, they remain secretive about their culture, which is a combination of old traditions laced with newer bits of culture scavenged from the races common in the neighboring regions. Cultural scavenging also extends to language, and regional dialects of kenku are peppered with terms and colloquialisms from other languages. Unsurprisingly, kenku have a knack for language and pick up new ones quickly.

Few races easily tolerate kenku. Of the most common races, only humans allow them to settle within their cities with any regularity. When this occurs, kenku inevitably form their own ghettos and ramshackle communities, typically in the most wretched neighborhoods. Regardless of their tolerance, most humans maintain as little contact with kenku as possible. kenku occasionally make friends with goblins, halflings and gnomes, but only when they share mutual interests. Conversely, most dwarves have no patience for the kenku whatsoever. Other races tend to view kenku in a similar fashion to humans, though many actively discourage them from settling in their realms.

Due to their ability to perfectly mimic speach, kenku are often used as messangers by Danasian officials.