Basic Information
Aliases Old Man Wei
Home Mungu
Former home(s) Unknown
Gender Male
Race Human, Danasian
Class Warlock
Patron Cuelebre
Date of birth 105 V

158 V (undead)

Date of death 158 V

158 V

Age 53
Level 8
Alignment Neutral Evil
Favorite item Unknown
Old man Wei is the father of Yan and apparent servant of Valdemar Wynst. He primarily aided Valdemar in securing a trading deal with the city of Mungu before his son kidnapped Kari Wynst.

He strongly opposed his son's advances on Kari as he felt that it would damage relations with Wynst. When he found out that Wynst guards had begun beating Yan, he attempted to intervene, although he knew that if the official Mungu law ever got their hands on his son, they would execute the well known thief immediately.

Khangweizhin seemingly leads joint Danasian-Thessan expedition to retrieve the 6 Demon Bag. He spoke breifly of his goal to help the Dan achieve immortality, however the Vasharan Fushoku Kansen and his brothers insisted that he serves a darker patron. It would later be revealed that he is a high ranking servant of the Violet Queen and works to free her exarch, Oni Xungo from the 6 demon bag.

His expedition has forced their way into the temple catacombs and have begun destroying the bronze seals with dragon powder rather than passing Yongmunguwan's trials.

He was defeated by the party in the underground city of the Holy Dragon, only to be raised from the dead by Quarion Winterhand and defeated once again.