A Shenkidan focused monk demonstrating her martial skills

Kidan, also known as the Great Ki or Path of Harmony is the most prominent faith of Danasia. A meditative and inward focused faith, Kidan offers a path to enlightenment and oneness with the universe through balance of the inward forces or Ki.
Ki Energy Attribute Color
Jing Life Str, Con Red
Chi Spirit Wis, Cha Yellow
Shen Mental Int, Dex Black

Most monasteries of Danasia and parts beyond adhere to some form of Kidan.

Historically Kidan, along with Waidan, were joined aspects of alchemical philosophy. While Waidan focuses more on shaping the elements of nature, Kidan looks inward, shaping the forces that make up a person. Practitioners of this philosophy work to balance their inner thoughts and work to improve themselves through arduous training and mental discipline. The Kidan belief system is the main source of power for most Monks and Mystics, although there are those who worship individual gods or other faiths.

The Kidan faith has no unified structure or official leaders, but individual people may look to travelling Monks, Mystics, or the heads of monasteries, called a Pahang as spiritual examples.