Lassandra Legault
Basic Information
Aliases Lady Legault
Home Sunnuth, Findle
Former home(s) Unknown
Gender Female
Race Human, Quisiri
Class Sorceress
Patron Unknown
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Yet to be seen
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Favorite item Unknown
Lassandra Legault was the matron of House Legault early in age IV. She owns and runs several Eastern importers including the While Lotus. She is extremely charming, but how much of that is charisma and how much is arcane influence is unknown.

She commands a fleet of merchant ships and is often accompanied by several hobgoblin or minotaur bodyguards.

She insists on documenting and cataloging notable events and has a massive library of trade receipts and merchant journals. Her families historical archive goes back a thousand years.

Lassandra Legault has blood relations with and is a close ally to the Danasian Royal family.

She has a semi-hostile rivalry with Thorben Felspark.