Liyal Shu
Basic Information
Aliases The Cat
Home Traveler
Former home(s) Unknown
Gender Female
Race Forest Folk
Class Bard
Patron Mab
Date of birth 140 V
Date of death None of her nine deaths have happened yet.
Age 17
Level Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Favorite item Unknown

As a small child, Liyal was found wandering the wilderness near Greenville by a circus/entertainer troupe in called The Mythic Conclave . They took her in as their own, as they themselves were an eclectic group of misfits (ranging from elves, humans, orcs, gnomes, giants etc) wandering though the land, living for entertainment. They banded initially together as they are a group who disagree with all the current popular religious views held throughout the land. Sammeth Grijord; an extremely quirky drow elf acted as Liyal’s mentor and father figure.

When Liyal was 9 years old, late at night when everyone was asleep, she saw a bright flash in the distance. Curiously drawn to it, she snuck out to investigate what it was. She made her way towards a lake, where she heard the sweet sounds of music playing in the distance. When she finally arrived to the source of the strange sound, there she saw a figure playing an odd instrument in the company of dozens of pixies. Overcome with awe, she approached her and spent hours listening to her play songs and sing. Before disappearing, The being gives her instrument to Liyal. (Whether this happened precisely this way or not is speculative, Liyal had been darted my multiple pixies. The entire experience was odd.) From that day on, Liyal has mastered this odd instrument, and utilized it to be an interesting show piece for her troupe’s performances.

At the age of 16, she was out late exploring the Forest near Carrefour. When she returned to where the troupe had set up camp, everyone had mysteriously disappeared. All the gear, cloths, etc were still there, the fire were still burning, but everyone was gone. To this day, she does not know what happened to them, where they went, where they are, or if they are even alive. She has been traveling around as a Bard looking for clues of what happened to her family.

Liyal met London near the town of Longcrossing a few months after the disappearance of her troupe. She was playing music on a street corner for coppers, when London approached her, interested in the odd instrument. She told her story to London, and he offered her the opportunity to travel with her and his team on her wandering journey to find out what happened to her family, while at the same time offering a roof over her head and some time to save up money for her travels. She ventured through Morat Ras to Narrock with London and helped her with some of the archeological expeditions. She spent a total 8.5 months with her, before they parted ways- her to continue is work, she to live as a Bard and search for clues.

After meeting the party at London's funeral and investigating his ruin for clues, she was magically effected by London's ring and fled South. She has not been seen since.