London Bucklebough
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Crimbury
Former home(s) Bucklebough Farm
Gender Male
Race Perian Halfling
Class Rogue
Patron Unknown
Date of birth 115 V
Date of death 157 V (apparent)


Level 5
Alignment Unknown
Favorite item Unknown

London was a Perian Halfling and first son of Tuck Bucklebough Sr., the family head and Councillor of Crimbury. As a child, London displayed unsettling bravery and curiosity that often got him into trouble. He was initially sent to Findle's Alchemic University where he was a promising student in the mortal sciences. After a fatal mishap in an attempt to enter a dueling fraternity during his second semester, London was expelled. With various professors influence he was admitted into the historical sciences department of the Redguard School of Esoteric Sciences in eastern Thessan, something London isn't proud to talk about. His professors kept in touch with London for several years before his death, seeing him as one of the most talented archaeologists and cartographers in the region.

London followed his family's example of peace through pleasantries and honesty as opposed to force of arms or trickery. London was raised with an exceptional amount of humility, believing it to be unhealthy to use magic in situations where mundane skills would be adequate. Despite his time spent in the universities and possessing a great deal of maps, London was quite unaware of cultures and politics, often resulting in embarrassing mishaps. He spent the last two decades travelling all over the continent working on digs and projects and meeting new people.

London's death comes as a shock to his family, his latest dig being only a days ride from his home. His body was recovered by a Blackwell emissary but was returned is such a horrifically damage state that it was hard to identify if this was London or one of his assistants. His signet ring made it clear that it could be none other.

London's journal served as an ongoing clue for Dael and her companions as they unknowingly worked to free Parun from Azogun's prison.

In year 159 London was discovered to still be alive, trapped in Tartarus. He was freed by Blackwell's Crew and Arundel Shay during their efforts to free Parun.