The town of longcrossing

Longcrossing is a small town on the Eastern edge of Findle. The town backs up against the Southern tip of the Scara mountain range. It is the second largest town on the Scara peninsula. The town gets its name from the ancient goblin empire stone bridge that spans the cliffs between the Windwalls and the Scara peninsula.

The town's patronage is often disputed and has changed hands multiple times in the past century. Since the official end of the Danasian-Findle war in the 144V it has become relatively peaceful. Several years prior, much of the town was razed by a lich after the nearby Brotherhood of the Raven discovered a hidden crypt in the nearby mountains. In the lich's fury, the temple of Mortus was destroyed and much of the towns population were killed, raised as undead and fled into the nearby Wraithpine woods which have always had a reputation for housing dangerous undead. Recently, something has been string up hostility between the citizens in Longcrossing and the Danasian citizens three days to the south in Dan's Rest.

The town is constantly full of travelers and merchants. Its damp streets house an endless parade of caravans from Findle, traders from Danasia and Olgun Quisir, woodsmen and rangers from Morat Ras, and even the occasional adventuring party seeking to poke about in the numerous nearby ruins.

Temple of Mortus

Longcrossing temple of Mortus

The ruins of Longcrossing's Temple of Mortus

Since the destruction of the Temple of Mortus and the deaths of the resident Brotherhood of the Raven chapter, trade has been steadily decreasing and mistrust of strangers, especially Danasians has been on the rise.

The temple of Mortus and Hall of the Brotherhood of the Raven once housed a dozen knights and priests. The temple was burned to the ground in 153 V and has since become little more than an overgrown ruin. As the sole surviving heir of one of the knights, the ruin is legally owned by Rilken Sureclaw.