Basic Information
Aliases Loremaster Ten
Home Unknown
Former home(s) Monastery of the Resolute


Gender Female
Race Danasian Human
Class Unknown
Patron Yongmunguwan
Date of birth 81 V
Date of death Unknown
Age 78
Level Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Favorite item Unknown
Tenjinwang was a monk and scribe living at the Monastery of the Resolute in Mungu during the 5th age. She expressed strong opposition when the imperial army raided the Monastery's treasury during the final months of the war between Danasia and Findle, and worked to hide what knowledge she could regarding the tomb of Yongmunguwan and the 6 Demon Bag. She was one of the few monks remaining after adventurers broke into the catacombs beneath the Monastery and released the Hand of Thrym, causing a blizzard over the city. She and the other monks were caught in the crossfire between the Hand of Thrym and the Infinite Suns, eventually abandoning their temple once it was discovered that the tomb of Yongmunguwan was destroyed.