The Lucidial plane, also known as the Great Mirage, the Astral Plane, the Spirit Realm or the Plane of Light was a transitional plane that existed parallel to the Material and Umbrial Planes.

Much of the Lucidial plane was a vibrant reflection of the Material plane and was populated primarily by shy creatures such as constructs, Ravids, Painted Elves, Rakshasa and other creatures who were able to tolerate the scintillating colours and dizzying effects of the Great Mirage.

Traveling through he Lucidial Plane is much faster and safer than doing so in the Prime Material and inhabitants of the Lucidial plane are much more hospitable than its twin, the Umbrial Plane. Unfortunately, travelers are known to get lost in the shimmering visions and mirages or perish under the heat of its eternal daylight, as if the plane itself were toying with them.


Sea of Shattered Glass

Kaseraksa (formerly)