Basic Information
Aliases The Dreambringer
Pantheon Sylvan
Home Unknown
Former home(s) The Unseelie Lay, Umbreal Plane
Gender Female
Race Fey
Class Unknown
Portfolio Insight, Intuition, Dream Interpretation
Primary Cleric Domain Unknown
Secondary Cleric Domains Unknown
Holy symbol A shut eye
Date of birth Unknown
Date of accension Unknown
Date of death Unknown

Level Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Favorite item Unknown
Mab the Dreambringer is a powerful unseelie fey being and manipulator of dreams, intuition, and insight. While not a mind-reader, she can sense the intentions and feelings of all living things. Her true appearance is unknown, as she mostly appears in dreams, yet legends tell of a tall, shadowy, yet fair presence.

Mab’s existence is presently only known by her followers. In ages past, Mab’s powerful fey magic was well known and highly sought after by Azogun, the Empyrian god of Tyranny. Azogun sought to obtain Mab’s power of intuition and insight in order to strengthen his rule a hundredfold. To protect herself, she retreated deep into the Forest of Stars in the Umbrial plane and was forgotten about as eons passed. She continued to communicate with select followers through their dreams, as they initially learned from Mab how to interpret their dreams to accurately transcribe the hidden message. While the dream is broadcast to many individuals across the land, only followers of Mab understand. The secrets of dream interpretation have been passed down over the centuries through her followers, and today only the descendants of her followers (and their recruits) understand the truth behind their dreams.



The Eye of Mab carved into a small gemstone.

Followers of Mab can be any race, yet only those with the largest imaginations are able to interpret their dreams accurately. Therefore, elves and gnomes are most common. Her followers tend not to preach and proselytize, but choose to “enlighten” worthy others through good-natured, nonviolent trickery and persuasion. Since most dreaming individuals experience the message of Mab, followers simply need to drop hints and make subtle suggestions until the dreamers interpret their dreams on their own.

While Azogun has lost a significant amount of his power, he is still a significant threat to Mab. Followers of Mab are less than favorable towards Azogun, and look forward to the day when he is eliminated for good and Mab can return to her rightful plane. They believe that if enough worthy individuals are behind her, she will have enough power to trap Azogun in a deep dream from which he will never awaken.