Magh Kuldohr map

The city of Magh Kuldohr

Magh Kuldohr, known to some as the city of the roaring mad, is a partially flooded Duregar city far beneath the Werewood. Originally founded by the Ironlight Clan of Dwarves after they were stranded in the World Cavern, this city stood as a testament to Duregar resolve for thousands of years until it was abandoned to an increasing population of Troglodytes. Most Duregar consider Magh Kuldohr to be lost territory, the water having been permanently polluted by Troglodyte filth. Those Duregar that choose to live in the city, under the rule of the Trogs are outcast by their kind. The Trogs from this city are unique, having appropriated Duregar knowlege and artifacts, founding a complex culture and elevating themselves above their feral kin. Other cultures in the World Cavern consider Magh Kuldohr Trogs nearly equal in standing.
Magh Kuldohr city

The city suffers from Troglodyte pollution.