Basic Information
Aliases God of Fertility, The Loving God
Pantheon Empyrean
Home Avalon
Former home(s) Kolzamar
Gender Female
Race Empyrean Titan
Class Druid
Portfolio Farming, Childbirth, Business
Primary Cleric Domain Life
Secondary Cleric Domains Wealth, Solidarity
Holy symbol Branch with a Red Apple
Date of birth Unknown
Date of accension Unknown
Date of death Unknown

Level Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Favorite item Unknown
Materan is known as the Loving God. She is a member of the Empyrean pantheon and the god of fertility. As god of fertility she is responsible for ensuring prosperity to the Empyrean Church's faithful. She is seen as a bringer of both health and wealth, and is the patron of farmers and merchants. She is the patron of the Harvest Brotherhood.

She is the daughter of Cernunnun and the older sister of Lyttan.


Cleric Domains