These games may have been short, but they make an impact! The following are all one-offs, prequels and what-if campaings that happened in the world of Ord.

Horrors of Kyrn

Mysterious ruins scattered across the multiverse housed strange amulets. These amulets transported their wearers to the nightmareish dimension known as Kyrn. Arco Vonovich and his companions did not fare well against the creatures and madness of the realm who's equivelent of night transformed the very rocks benieth their feet into hungry monstrosities.

The Heart of Gruesig Njor

The trader Gruesig Njor dissapeared while out to rescue the princess of his dreams, and get rich while doing so. Soon afterwards, an army of fey began attacking the coastal village of Stokkseyri and the village chieftain became a very wealthy man...

The Second War of Wings

A Spelljamming culture from Greyhawk battled a Scro navy over the planet of Ord. The kingdom of Findle and the Silver Reach united against the Scro\Ibyth army. Adventurers fought Vuldoni colonists in Narrock.