Morat Ras

The Scara Mountains dominate the Western and Norther regions of Morat Ras.

Morat Ras is a large coastal taiga East of Findle . The region is not a unified country but a series of constantly changing counties and city states. Much of the Northern region is dominated by frost giants jarls. Morat Ras is rich in natural resources blanketed by ancient forests and pristine lakes. With sparse habitation, massive animals and monsters are common and have no fear of people. The region is harsh and difficult to tolerate, with cold snaps and hostile creatures toppling most small villages. Some larger communities of foresters, fishermen and hardy folk have banded together in this unforgiving environment.

The people of Morat Ras are generally practitioners of the Old Faiths , especially Frey and Rebus.

Herat Isle is located off the South Eastern coast and are seen as the most civilized area in the region, and is generally neutral with Thessan , Findle and Danasia .

MR Coast

The coast of Morat Ras is frequented by pirates and giants.