Morgrim Oathsworn
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Wynstport
Former home(s) Dûrgrim's Hold
Gender Male
Race Mountain Dwarf
Class Fighter
Patron Lugun
Date of birth 71 V
Date of death Unknown
Age 87
Level 5
Alignment Neutral
Favorite item Unknown

Morgrim, along with his cousin Hundir, were part of a dwarven mercenary band sent to the village of Stokkseyri on Hatchet Isle to investigate the disappearance of their colleague, previously hired by a human trader named Gruseg Njor. While there, they met up with a band of similar individuals and tracked down the last known location of their colleague. Unfortunately, they walked right into the middle of a war between the islands human population and the local fey. After his cousin Hundir discovered and "befriended" a creature named Boggle, the creature guided them to its "princess" who was being held against her will in the Rimeclad Keep on the Northern part of the island. The princess turned out to be a frost hag and the party chose to side with the humans by slaying her. Unfortunately this choice had dire consequences as hags, seeking vengeance for their fallen sister, now claim the island as their own and no one ever heard from the villagers again.

Morgrim serves as his cousin's Varakvel or "conscience guard." He is bound to enforce Hundir's exile and redemption as a word-breaker.