Basic Information
Aliases God of Magic, The Witch Queen
Pantheon Empyrean
Home Umbreal Plane
Former home(s) Kolzamar
Gender Female
Race Empyrean Titan
Class Wizard
Portfolio Magic, Theater, The Dead
Primary Cleric Domain Arcana
Secondary Cleric Domains Grave, Protection
Holy symbol Jeweled Feminine Mask
Date of birth Unknown
Date of accension Unknown
Date of death Unknown

Level Unknown
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Favorite item Unknown
Morrigan is one of the oldest Empyrean Titans, and daughter of Cernunnun.

She is the divine caretaker of the fabric of magic, commonly known as Mana. She is a cold and aloof being, having few relations with mortals or other deities. She is often depicted with a raven companion, leading to the belief that she has a close relationship to Mortus. Outside of the Empyrean Church and her dedicated cults, she is generally venerated by diplomats and thespians who evoke her control over the fabric of reality as a reflection of their professions.

She is an extremely private deity and never appears to mortals without her mask. This has lead some to believe that she is supremely vain. Her priests often wear similar masks when communicating with her.


Morrigan's holy symbol, used exclusively by the Cult of Herat Isle.

Cleric Domains

ArcaneDom GraveDom ProtectionDom