Port Mungu once produced hundreds of warships for the Danasian military

Mungu City is the largest trading city in Danasia and serves as the primary port for the Legault-Dan Dynasty.

In the third age, while visiting colonies on the Scara Peninsula, the Dan was killed in a skirmish with dwarves. During this conflict, Thomap Crûsgar, father of Durtom Crûsgar was also killed. Out of a deep held grudge against the people who slew his father, Durtom and much of his clan sailed East to Mungu and used it as a staging ground for their war against Oldan and the Old Dynasty. After the fall of the capital Oldan the Crûsgar  Dwarves moved the capital city to Gangdan.

In the fourth age the ruling dwarves were driven out by the arcane trickster and heir to the line of Dan, Jodando Legault and his allies from Findle sacked the city and again the port city was used as a staging ground for warfare between the newly founded Legault-Dan Dynasty and the Durtom Crûsgar dwarf Bakufu government.

The fifth age saw war with the kingdom of Findle as relation between Arundel Shay and the descendants of Jodando began to deteriorate. The battle of Dan's Rest, between soldiers from Mungu and Findle kingdom troops marked the first major use of Dragonpowder weapons in warfare.