Yod Na'Azel'Leth
Basic Information
Aliases Azel of Yod
Home Helmstadt, Temple of Materan
Former home(s) Yod
Gender Male
Race Forest Folk
Class Fighter
Patron Aranyan
Date of birth 287 IV
Date of death 314 IV
Age Unknown
Level 4
Alignment True Neutral
Favorite item Unknown

Na'Azel'Leth was once part of the "Old Forest Folk" a small band of powerful warriors and druids of unknown origin. They were given the lands between Thessan and Ibyth as their own after assisting Aragoth Hellslay's Coup d'etat of Thessan. Nearly their entire lineage was lost when a cabal of blue cloaked wizards attacked, seeking an ancient herbalists manual owned by the village healer. The manual was said to contain a page from the spellbook of Aragoth Hellslay. Only a few dozen, including Na'Azel'Leth, his uncle, his niece and his infant cousin survived.

Na'Azel'Leth, lead the survivors to a nearby human settlement and, set out with his grandfathers dwarven greatsword and mithril banded mail to seek revenge for his fallen clan.

He famously held his own against an army of gnolls, protecting the western wall of the Temple of Materan single handedly.

Na'Azel'Leth was lost in the death throes of single combat with a minotaur and was unable to identify the blue cloaked wizard who hired Jodando Legault to recover a mysterious blue gem ring from the beast.

The temple of Materan offered a place of honor for this fallen warrior, and despite the destruction and rebuilding of the temple, his body is still preserved there to this day.

He adventured with such famous people as St. Geshran the Temperate and Jodando Legault. His adventures through the Helmstadt vally were eventually eclipsed by multiple battles with gnolls and he was all but forgotten by those outside the temple of Materan.

The Warblade of Azel. An ancient coldiron greatsword forged by dwarves in the second age.