Basic Information
Aliases God of Glory, The Crownbearer
Pantheon Empyrean
Home Celestia
Former home(s) Kolzamar
Gender Male
Race Empyrean Titan
Class Paladin
Portfolio Nobility, Loyalty, Valor
Primary Cleric Domain Light
Secondary Cleric Domains Order, Zeal
Holy symbol Silver crown on a golden diamond
Date of birth Unknown
Date of accension Unknown
Date of death None yet

Level Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Favorite item Unknown
Nuadun is the lord of the titans and head of the Empyrean Church pantheon. He is the second son of Eo the overgod and one of the few surviving Empyreans. He is the younger twin brother of Azogun.

Nuadun always appears as a giant with alabaster skin and flowing blonde hair. He rarely manifests in the material realms and often sends celestials to perform minor duties.

His support of humanoid kings and the absolute divine right of kingship often puts him at odds with Lugun's ideals of individuality and Morrigan's views of a more bureaucratic society.

Nuadun rules the Empyrean pantheon of titans. His rule is hotly contested by Azogun who was previously supported by the majority of titans. Nuadun rarely considers the opinions of others, often acting in a selfish or self righteous way.


Cleric Domains

LightDom ZealDom OrderDom