Olahorn Milani
Olahorn Milani
Basic Information
Aliases Bishop Milani
Home Findle City


Former home(s) Harvestveil
Gender Male
Race Human, Findleite
Class Aristocrat
Patron Materan, Empyrean
Date of birth 106 V
Date of death Yet to be seen
Age 48
Level 5
Alignment Neutral Good
Favorite item Unknown

Bishop Olahorn Milani is an Empyrean bishop and member of the Harvest Brotherhood in Findle. He is a slightly obese man who dresses in bright silks and gaudy golden full plate armor.

Olahorn is really more of a politician and banker than priest and does not have the ability to cast divine magic.

He is personally responsible for organizing resource distribution in Findle and has openly accepted blame for the famine unto himself.

He sweats profusely, constantly bathes and applies perfume to himself using a silk handkerchief. He even uses a wand of prestidigitation multiple times a day to "freshen himself."

He has organized negotiations with the Northern Church to open trade relations with Thessan using the gold Terron Blackwell gathered from Shra. Olahorn will be leading a caravan to New Illden for the meeting.

At some point during the trip, Olahorn was replaced by a Doppletrog and later slain by his companions.