An Old Faith marker can be made from any natural objects; stone, wood, or coral.

Old Faith is a term used to describe the worship of aspects of nature called Primordials, animistic personifications of the natural world worshiped in shamanistic and Druidic societies. Worshipers of the Old Faiths are branded as heretics by the Empyrean church and are often the subject of ridicule and suspicion at best.

The Old Faiths are popular mainly among fringe societies of humans civilizations. They are considered a unified pantheon and are worshiped as such by the Elves of the Silver reach.

Alignments listed represent their common worshipers and the general energies associated with this animistic force, not any desire or personality of a deity.


A copper elf druid and priest of the Old Faiths.

Old faith runes, Chorus Trees and standing stones are commonly found in forests, carved into cliff faces and on shorelines. Nobody knows who creates these markers, but the Empyrean Church is quick to appropriate any such areas into new holy sites. The heirophants commonly seek out such objects.

Followers of the old faiths are never clerics, as the primodials are understood to simply be personifications of different aspects of the natural world. Bards, druids, rangers and sorcerers make up the majority of the priesthood.

Copper elves primarily practice their veneration of the personifications of nature at the base of a Chorus Tree. Their practices are generally seen as profane and sinister by the Empyrean Church.

Natural Spirits

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