Great Olgaran
Basic Information
Aliases Sood Crystalcobb
Home Underpond, Helmstadt Valley
Former home(s) Elemental Plane
Gender Male
Race Green Slaadi
Class Unknown
Patron Unknown
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Favorite item Unknown
Olgaran was a green slaadi, birthed from the corpse of the Gnoblin Sood Crystalcobb. He took up residence with a nearby tribe of bullywug, becoming the "Frog King" and helping guide more peaceful interactions between the bullywug and the gnomes. He often traveled among the gnomes magically disguised as Sood. He arranged for the bullywug to spirit away goods from the gnome storehouses instead of simply attacking them.

Olgaran posessed the skull of Sood and often refereed to it a "papa Sood."

He expressed regret at the actions he took, though justified it saying that he "requires ten times the food of any gnome" and his bullywugs were "too few in number to farm or safely hunt with orcs moving through these woods.”

He was in possession of a Slaadi artifact called a Spawning Stone, keeping it hidden and away from mortal or Slaadi hands, fearing the spread of Chaos Phage and a plague of his kin. When Blackwells crew managed to send the Spawning Stone to the Umbrial Plane, Olgaran was free to assist them and left the gnome lands with his tribe of Bullywug. He settled under a large pond in the wilderness near the city of Harvestveil.


Asside from his dozens of bullywug servants, Olgaran was always accompanied by a sprite named Rhoswen. The sprite was a friend of Sood Crystalcobb's adventuring party and took a keen interest in the newborn Slaadi after the party's death. Initially hostile to Olgaran, the two eventually became friends and vowed to keep mortal hands away from the Spawning Stone.