The Onyx-Brass Farm is one of many tucked into the fertile hills of Eastern Findle. Purchased in the 5th age by the druid Alistyre Onyx-Brass, the long suffering ranch was revitalized with the discovery of a wild breed of rust monsters. The farm raises all manner of animals and farms rare herbs, but is most well known for its rust monsters. The farm produces things like meat, eggs and refined products.

Scrap Yard

A large portion of the farm is iron scrap yard. The Onyx-Brass purchases scrap, slag and filings from Findle City, Meles and Ironwell to use as feed for their rust monsters. Occasionally, a discarded item will show magical properties, potentially causing some manner of havoc. Scavengers and goblins also pick through the fields on occasion, causing trouble for the farmhands.


Onyx-Brass Farms Rust Monster Milk

Onyx-Brass Farms Rust Monster Rennet and various cheeses

Rust Monster Mail

Onyx-Brass Emblem

The Onyx-Brass Emblem